Site: Southlands, Nairobi, Kenya
Year of completion: 2007
Building area: 20,976 sqm

Primary care hospital serving patients from Nairobi and the surrounding provinces providing basic outpatient health care, surgery, and in-patient services for Kenya’s low-income patients. It includes housing for all staff plus an education centre that functions for higher education and a secondary school for under-privileged students. The design challenge was to allow for a large patient flow in a limited space and to provide buildings that can withstand hard use.

The hospital has 420 out-patient beds yet it processes more patients than any hospital in Kenya. The maternity unit allows for an average of over 900 deliveries per month although the building area is considerably smaller than similar units. The outpatient facilities serve over 1,000 out-patients per day, the highest in Kenya yet is far from being the largest facility. The design is based on a traditional mission hospital layout that is modernized to achieve a higher level of care. Circulation is clearly visible in the layout and service functions have been separated while minimizing the overall building area.